Beautiful Enigma: LIFE With James Dean


So much has been written about James Dean, and his influence looms so large over movies and over popular cultural in general, that it’s always jarring to be reminded that at the time of his death, at the preposterously young age of 24, he had starred in only three films—two of which hadn’t even been released when he died in a car crash on Sept. 30, 1955.

And yet, as iconic a star as Dean has become, much of the public’s view of the brooding young man from Indiana was, in fact, formed not by his singular onscreen presence in Giant, East of Eden or even Rebel Without a Cause, but by a series of remarkable pictures made in early 1955 by the photographer Dennis Stock.

In his 2005 book James Dean: Fifty Years Ago, Stock writes of trying to get the rapidly rising actor, whom he…

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The new Garden Bridge over the Thames will cost £150 million

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The Garden Bridge

Following Transport for London’s (TfL) tender for proposals to improve pedestrian links across the river, Heatherwick Studio and actor and campaigner Joanna Lumley have developed an idea for a new pedestrian ‘Garden Bridge’ across the River Thames; a scheme to connect North and South London with a garden.

Joanna Lumley with a model of Garden Bridge Joanna Lumley with a model of Garden Bridge

The ‘Iconic’ Thames project – the Garden Bridge over the Thames, was approved and granted planning permission by Lambeth council last Monday. The project has also received huge approval from Londoners – 88 per cent of people who live in the capital and 94 per cent who live outside it.

The £150 million structure — designed by Thomas Heatherwick, mastermind of the London Olympics cauldron — will span the river between Temple and the South Bank.

The bridge will contain 270 trees representing 45 species, as well as shrubs, climbing plants, hedges and flowers. It…

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